Semi Frameless Glass Fencing

Fence Factory is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of fencing solutions. We are offering 2 types of Semi Frameless Glass Fencing in Melbourne. Semi frameless glass is suitable for pool fencing or balustrade. We can offer aluminium and stainless steel posts either round, square or both. Two types of available Semi Frameless Glass Fencing in Melbourne are:
  • Type 520 Semi frameless glass fencing has no top or bottom rail but does have posts either side of the glass panel. The posts use an internal fixing system and can be powder coated to match the surrounding area. This style can be used where for both new and existing pools or balconies and can be fixed directly to an existing concrete or timber surface. Glass type 10mm or 12mm toughened glass with matching gates available.
  • Type 540 of Semi Frameless Glass Fencing is similar to the type 520 but has the posts shortened. Similar 10mm and 12mm glasses are used in the type 540 fencing as well.