Remotes - Industrial Sliding Gates

SL 2000 is a powerful and durable electromechanical gear motor for sliding gates up to 2000kg. Designed for heavy industrial gates, SL 2000 is built to suit tough conditions. Powered by 240V AC, it is simple to install and comes standard with key-operated manual release.
  • Auto close on adjustable timer
  • Inbuilt circuit board
  • Simple interface for proximity cards & loop detectors

The Max Industrial Slider is an electro-mechanical heavy duty operator specifically designed to control long and heavy sliding gates with continuous repetition. Solid steel chassis and gear assembly. Rapid and efficient operation controlled by PLC Logic.
  • Heavy duty for continuous 24 hour use
  • Auto close on adjustable timer
  • PLC Logic control system
  • 240V or 415V motor options
  • Ramp up and down motor speeds